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Minimal Invasive and Robotic Surgery

Technology has entered our lives with a blast, affecting all aspects of it. Unavoidably, surgery could not be an exception. Modern technology has been applied in many aspects of everyday surgery, making it not a luxury but a necessity. Laparoscopic techniques are nowadays a routine in most surgical theaters globally, especially in abdominal surgery such as gallbladder removal (cholecystectomy), appendicectomy, inquiring laparoscopy etc. The next evolution is the 3-D laparoscopic surgery, in which the surgeon in a 3-D environment performs laparoscopic procedures.

Robotic surgery is the "next best thing" in modern surgery. The philosophy behind the technique is the insertion of laparoscopic instruments into the patient and the movement of these instruments not by hand but by "robotic arms" controlled by the surgeon through a remote control console. It really offers ultimate presicion in many General Surgery operations nowadays and for sure in many more in the near future. 

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