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Thyroid Surgery

Thyroid gland is a fascinating body part. Although very small, its malfunctions can result to major drama due to the hormonal imbalance, which affects almost all organs.

Thyroid surgery is much needed in cases of suspected or diagnosed thyroid cancer and in specific medical cases in which other treatment options have been excluded.

All studies confirm the fact that thyroid surgery should be performed only by specialised and experienced Endocrine surgeons, with the use of special modern equipment such as Energy devices (e.g. ultrasonic scissors) and Neuromonitoring devices. 

The modern and future evolution of thyroid and parathyroid surgery has much to offer regarding the aesthetic part of the operation, with the application of modern techniques such as the "Miccoli" technique and the Robotic Transaxillary technique. 

Our purpose is to offer top-quality Thyroid Surgery in Cyprus, with results equal or even better than those of the biggest centers globally.

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